Sunday, June 14, 2015

Knitted Knockers in the News

We would like to start a collection of news articles written about knitted knockers.  If your group is featured in any press (newspaper, television, magazine or blog) please send a link or copy of it to us at

Let's let the world know about knitted knockers

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Knitted Knockers Come in All Colors & Sizes

While Knitted Knockers come in all colors and sizes, they all come full of love from the volunteer who made them.

In the Mail....

Knitted Knockers went out Friday to 25 women in California, Arizona, Indiana, New York, North Carolina, New Jersey, Georgia, Texas, Pennsylvania, North Dakota, Maryland, Minnesota, Tennessee, Nebraska, Michigan and Kentucky. We hope these will give each of them a new giggle.
Thanks to all the Knitted Knocker Angels who made them.
Life is good.

Knitted Knockers Received

These knitted knockers were recently received by from knitters across the USA.

Keep Knitted Knockers Free

Knitted Knockers have been made since 2007 by groups across the USA and around the world.

The name Knitted Knockers was coined by Chesley Flotten from Maine in 2007.  She has encouraged and continues to encourage groups to use the name freely.  This has allowed a common term (Knitted Knockers) to be used by women recovering from breast cancer to identify a product that could help them recover.

No one should be entitled to own the name "Knitted Knockers".

Wanted Angels

Knitted Knockers Angels

There are women and men across the USA and around the world that are making Knitted Knockers to donate to groups like  

These volunteers give their yarn, time and talents when making knitted knockers.  Then turn around and give them to total strangers who they will never meet or know.  These are made with love and kindness.  These volunteers are "Knitted Knockers Angels".  

To become a Knitted Knockers Angel make a pair of knitted knockers and donate them to

Knitted Knockers made by Angels.

Worldwide Movement Continues

Since Knitted Knockers were started by Chesley Flotten in Maine in 2007 it has grown into a worldwide movement.  Tens of thousands of Knitted Knockers have been made and given away for free to women recovering from breast cancer.

There is now Knitted Knockers USA, Knitted Knockers UK, Knitted Knockers Australia and Knitted Knockers South Africa.  There are plans for a new Knitted Knockers New Zealand coming on-line. 

Be part of the movement and change a strangers life for the better.

Make a Knitted Knocker Put a Smile on a Face

Over 20,250 copies of the knitted knockers patterns have been downloaded since 2010.

If you have a pattern collecting dust, how about making a pair of knockers for a cancer survivor?

Send them to:
Knitted Knockers Charities
3133 S Lindsay Road #107
Gilbert, Arizona 85295