Saturday, May 2, 2015

Knitters Wanted

Don't Be Confused, We Are All Here To Help is the website for of Knitted Knockers Charities. We have been giving away Knitted Knockers to breast cancer survivors since 2010. To date we have given away over 5,000 Knitted Knockers.

However, do not get confused with the various Knitted Knockers groups.

While there are different people running these groups and they use various models for distribution, ALL of the following groups are 100% committed to helping make the lives of breast cancer survivors better: (South Africa) (United Kingdom) (Washington)

You can also find other groups across the USA by clicking here

Note of the above listed groups only is part of Knitted Knockers Charities.

If a Humming Bird Can, So Can YOU

The wind chimes in the photo have a special meaning. They came from the home of my mother-in-law who died of cancer. Before she died she loved humming birds and watched them in her back yard all the time.
Now look closely at the picture. Can you see the humming bird and the nest it build?
Now the question I have for you is if this little bird can build a nest on top of a horse in a wind chime and set on her egg day in and day out spinning in the wind, WHAT can you do if you put your mind to it. I think anything you want.